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Sayuran Fertigasi

Vegetable Fertigation

Planting vegetables is a common activity undertaken by the farmers in the Muda area as a source of extra income. Method is done using the conventional method of planting on the land. This method is only suitable for low-value vegetables such as leafy vegetables, and fruits of low quality. Planting is carried out in empty lands, and the tires as well as irrigation water.

Now attention is given to high-tech vegetable crops using fertigation. The objective of the project fertigation in vegetable crop area is expanding and diversifying the degree of income sources by vegetable farmers in appropriate areas and among farming potential. The target of this project is to improve the quality of vegetable production in the country and reduce imports and increase the country's vegetable exports.

To realize this program, the concept of implementation is to introduce high-value vegetable cultivation technology in the rain shelter to farmers and improving the existing traditional cultivation of vegetables by introducing techniques such as planting more productive use of irrigation fertigation / drops. As of 2005, a total of 8 centers have been implementing this project involving 23 houses fertigation.

Kind of focus is the tomato and the Golden Melon Langkawi. This is due to the high market demand and be accepted by consumers.

Melon vegetable or fruit grown in non-soil media materials will be supplied with fertilizer solution in drip irrigation to each crop in polybag at a rate of 2 liters per hour in the frequency of 4 to 6 drops / day (5 minutes / drop).

Supply of fertilizer solution is automatically pumped directly from the main tank to the main supply pipe, into the distribution pipes and continued to drop until the supply tube to the bag / container plants.

The role of media is a mixture of mechanical support in holding plant roots, retain moisture around the roots, creating air spaces in roots, retain moisture and supply of water and mineral water.

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